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To involve, encourage and support Bar Association members, to serve as a liaison to the Marin County courts, and to educate the community and enhance access to legal services.


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Editor's Introduction
Aug 03, 2017
By Robert Rosborough

Welcome to our August Marin Lawyer. Many of us might be found in exotic locales this time of year; I am often in Marfa, Texas, which no doubt is exotic to many of you (I guess the mountains of the Chihuahuan Desert could count as exotic.) But thanks to the wonders of the internet and email, the Marin Lawyer is still available to all of us.

President's Message
Aug 03, 2017
By Dorothy Chou Proudfoot

Recently, Yale Law School and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association jointly published a study, "A Portrait of Asian Americans in the Law.” Four Yale Law graduates and California Supreme Court Associate Justice Goodwin Liu conducted a two-year study that tracked the rise of Asian Americans in the law over the last three decades and some of its findings caused me to think about my own place in the law.

Aug 03, 2017
By Mee Mee Wong, Executive Director

Would you like to be part of the Marin County Bar Association leadership team? MCBA wants you to apply for an Officer or Board position. Board service is a unique opportunity to give back to your community, hone your leadership skills, and work with fellow board members to deliver valuable benefits to our member organization.

Aug 01, 2017
By Tim Nardell

Easement disputes are common fare for Marin County real estate lawyers. The laws governing easements are fairly well-trodden and well understood. But even these well-trodden paths can lead to surprising results.

Aug 01, 2017
By Andrew M. Wolfe

Employee terminations are, far and away, the number one cause of lawsuits against employers. In California, it often seems like it's open season on employers. Why are there so many wrongful termination lawsuits?

Jul 31, 2017
By Aideen Gaidmore, Executive Director

A broad consensus has developed among economists and politicians that providing access to high-quality early childhood learning programs is the most effective way to level the playing field for children from all social backgrounds. MC3 serves as the focal point between preschools and daycare providers, parents, and the State and County.


Members who make time to meet with their colleagues at MCBA events gain value from local connections and stay current with updates in the courts. Marin Superior Court Judges often comment that the most skilled lawyers are usually active MCBA members.


MCBA offers Sections in 12 legal practice areas. Each Section provides continuing legal education (CLE) and offers networking opportunities tailored to its members.


MCBA provides resource listings for community services including low cost legal services, attorney referral services, partnerships with community legal organizations, and mediation services.


Browse our member directory for member listings in numerous legal practice areas.


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